Manage and support learners#

Your learners’ activity in the LMS site should not normally require manual intervention. Only in very specific cases, you will need to provide support to your learners to access and use the platform.

User Registration#

All users, both learners, and authors are created by registering to the LMS site. This is a process designed for the learner to do themselves as they will be entering their personal information, selecting a password, and agreeing to the terms of service of your site. To register for the site, users need to go to https://yourLMSdomain/register

After registration, they will receive an account activation email in which they need to click on a link that comes in the email body and let the platform confirm that they do have access to the email address they are using to register. This is an important security step, that helps you avoid bots, or malicious user-to-register fake accounts, or impersonating other people.

Manual User Activation#

In rare cases, the learner may report issues finding their activation email in their mailboxes. This is often caused by:

  • Having used a misspelled or different email account to register to the platform.

  • Lack of ability to find the activation email in the different mailbox folders.

  • The email being filtered as spam by the user email service.

Whenever you have confirmed that the user was created correctly and need to manually activate a learner in the platform, you can follow these steps:

1. Go to the Site operations - Learners tab in your eduNEXT control center.

2. Type in the email of the user you need to activate and hit PROCEED

Batch User Registration#

If your initiative has a list of multiple users that need to be registered in the platform at once, and you have the Bulk registration capability, you can send a batch user registration request from the edunext control center - My site - Site operations - Learners.


The bulk registration process will not require activation and will not send users any email notification as the manual registration does, so you will need to notify your users about their newly created accounts.

Recovering the password for a user#

Users often forget or confuse their passwords. Whenever this happens, users can recover the password without any external assistance as long as they have access to their email account and can receive emails from the platform.

All they need to do is click on the Forgot my password link that they will find on your LMS site’s login page.

In rare cases, a user will not be able to recover their password on their own, and in that case, you can support them by enforcing a new password from the eduNEXT control center. Follow these steps:

1. Go to the Site Operations - Learners section in your eduNEXT control center

2. Type in the email of the user and the new password you want to set and hit PROCEED.

3. Notify the user to know about the new password.

Unlocking a user after multiple failed login attempts#

When a user tries to login with the wrong password multiple times, the system will temporarily lock the user out. This is a security measure that is very important to avoid certain types of brute force attacks and protect the integrity and security of users’ accounts.

In case your users are locked out due to multiple failed logins, all they need to do is to wait for 15 to 30 minutes and the accounts will be automatically unlocked.

If for some reason your users are experiencing this problem too often, you can request the eduNEXT support team to configure your site with a larger number of permitted failed logins.

Removing a user via self account removal#

In compliance with GDPR, users can request their account removal directly from the platform. This feature is disabled by default, but you can request the eduNEXT support team to enable it for your site.

When activated for a site, all the user needs to do to request their account removal is visiting their account page at https://yourLMSdomain/account/settings and they will find at the bottom of the page the account removal request form.

Manual User Deletion#

Open edX does not have an easy way for users to be deleted by an admin.

If some users have to be removed from your site, this should be performed carefully by the eduNEXT support team. You can request this procedure by sending a very clear request with the list of emails you want to remove via our support channel.