Subscription Information#

Types of Subscriptions#

There are three types of subscriptions with eduNEXT:

Nimbus SaaS, Stratus, and Cirrus.

Nimbus SaaS: Our Powerful, flexible and affordable solutions hosted in a shared cloud. This type of subscription has 4 different tiers, FREE, BASIC, ENHANCES and ADVANCED.

Stratus: Dedicated standardized Open edX based solutions for unlimited active learners.

Cirrus: Highly customized solutions and services, with dedicated personnel and support services for large or complex initiatives.


You can find more information about the different type of subscriptions and tiers at

Your Subscription Information in the ECC#

Once you have entered the Edunext Control Center, you will find a section named My subscription in the menu on the left. This section will have a tab titled INFO where you’ll find the most relevant the information about your subscription, including:

  • Type of subscription and tier (if applicable)

  • Status

  • Number of Monthly active users (MAU) - applicable only to Nimbus SaaS subscriptions.

  • Billing cycle

  • Starting date

  • Validity until date

  • Link to the custom documentation - if applicable

  • Link to the Service level agreement or SLA.