Set the Branding and Contents for Your LMS Site#

As part of the Site configuration options for each site, you will find a tab for Branding and Content.

In this section, you will find some options that allow you to brand and enhance the look and feel and the content for different sections of your LMS site.

The branding and content configuration capabilities will be organized by location, as described below:

  • General : Includes the site logo and icon, the navigation header that is present in every page, the footer and other components that apply across all pages of the site.

  • Homepage : Includes all the configurations to be applied to the homepage, which is only accessible before a user session is initiated.

  • Course catalog page (/courses) : This is the page where learners can find all the courses that are currently available for enrollment.

  • Course about pages : These are pages that the platform makes available for each course, so that a potential learner or visitor to the site can find out all the details about the course before enrolling.

  • Registration page (/register) : This is the page where new users will create their learner’s accounts.

  • Login page (/login) : This is the page where users will log in the LMS site.

  • Learner Dashboard (/dashboard): This is the page where a user will land after a successful log in. It lists all the courses that the learner is currently enrolled in.

  • About us page (/about) : Is one of the static pages available to publish specific content that help your learners understand the purpose and inner workings of your online learning initiative.

  • Contact us page (/contact) : A page with the information to get in touch with the teams behind the site’s operation.

Please note that Open edX does not include a solution for the contact form. We advise clients that wish to have this feature to use a professional solution for embedding contact forms or to provide us with an external URL so that we can redirect the incoming traffic to this page.

  • Frequently Asked Questions page (/faq) : A page intended to provide the users with useful resources to troubleshoot any problem they may encounter when using the site or its contents.

  • Honor Code page (/honor): This page is intended to cover:

    • Agreed rules for online conduct.

    • Use of personal accounts and passwords.

    • Online security guidelines.

    • Collaboration policies.

  • Privacy Policy page (/privacy) : Intended to address any privacy policies, in compliance with local legislation in the matter, including for example:

    • Management of personal information.

    • Disclosure to third parties.

    • Security concerns.

  • Terms of Service page (/tos): This page is intended to publish the platform terms of service, covering aspects such as:

    • General terms and conditions of the service.

    • Rules of online conduct.

    • Rules and policies to be applied about user accounts.

    • Copyright disclaimers for the contents on the site.

    • Rules or guidelines for user’s posts in the discussions.

    • Branding guidelines.

    • Exclusions of warranties and liability limitations.

  • Emails : Allows to set the branding and some footer content to all emails sent automatically by the platform.

  • Website integration : This is an advanced option that is available for perfomance subscriptions and replaces some of the pages listed above with a Content management system like Wordpress.

For each of these locations, you’ll be presented with the options that can be changed according to your type of subscriptión. You can make the changes to any of these properties as required and select the SAVE button.


Be aware that the homepage has some CACHE configuration to optimize the response times, so any changes you apply to its configurations will take 2 to 3 minutes to reflect on your browser when accessing the page.