Manage your LMS sites#

You’ll be able to find the list of LMS sites for your platform in the eduNEXT Control Center by navigating to the My Platform section and the Sites tab.

Some subscriptions will only need and have one site, but having multiple sites enables more advance use cases such as:

  • To have production and staging, sandbox or test site running independently.

  • A public site, open to everyone, and an internal site restricted for a specific audience.

  • Multiple online learning initiatives running independently.

  • A Master site / multiple sub-sites configuration.

Each LMS site or tenant will be linked to a different organization which allows to display a different series of courses, to configure a custom domain for each LMS site, and to have unique advanced configuration for each LMS site. These sites will be managed and billed under the same platform and subscription.

Create An Additional Site#

This configuration is available as part of the multi-sites feature in ENHANCED or ADVANCED Nimbus SaaS subscriptions and also in Stratus dedicated subscriptions.

ENHANCED Nimbus SaaS subscriptions are allowed to have up to 2 sites, one for production and one for testing or sandbox purposes.

ADVANCED Nimbus SaaS subscriptions are allowed to have up to 10 sites, regardless of the type (production or testing).

The creation of the site can be requested from the Sites tab.

When filling in the request form, make sure to provide all the information required with enough detail and clarity, and allow some time for the eduNEXT support team to process the request.

Remove a Site#

When an existing site in your account needs to be disabled or decommissioned, you can request the removal from the Edunext Control Center, My platform section and Sites tab.


Note that when a site is removed, the learners, courses, and all learner records inside the courses remain unchanged, but the users will no longer be able to access them. If you need to have the Organizations and courses from the site that is being removed to a different site, be sure to indicate it clearly in the removal request.