Platform Basic Information and Attributes#

Select the Platform#

In most cases, for example in the cloud subscriptions provided by edunext, you will be managing a single platform, so there will be no need to select a platform, only navigate to the section called My platform in the Edunext Control Center.

However, in some special cases, for example if you are engaging On premise services, Stratus dedicated subscription, or Cirrus consulting services from Edunext, you may be able to manage more than one platform. (A common example is to have access to a staging platform, and also a production platform).

In this case, you can select the platform you want to work with from the drop down menu located in the My platform section.

Platform Basic Information#

In the INSTANCE tab, you’ll find the most relevant information about the open edX platform intance, including:

  • The name and description of the instance

  • The provider of the infrastructure

  • The geographic region where the servers are located

  • The release of the platform currently installed

Platform Attributes and Infrastructure Attributes#

Open edX is a very flexible technology that can be installed with a different set of extensions, pluggins, components and Xblocks.

The Platform attributes section lists any specific attributes of the platform that need to be displayed to admin users in order to provide additional context and information about the capabilities and possibilities available with the platform.

Likewise, the infrastructure of a particular installation can be taylored for specific purpose, for example to make it more resilient to rapid changes in the volume of traffic or to endow it with additional server monitoring capabilities.

The Infrastructure attributes section lists any detailed information that is useful for admins to know about the specific infrastructure where the platform is running.