Manage enrollments in your course#

Depending on the access policy you have configured for your course, you may need to deal with enrolling learners or they may be able to do it autonomously.

For Courses that are open for anyone to enroll or those that are configured to have a fee through e-commerce, the enrollment process can be done by the learner directly. Learners will need to visit the course about page and as long as the course enrollment dates include the current date, they will find the button to enroll in the course.

For courses that are invitation only, you will need to enroll users manually by following the guidance provided in the next section.

Batch enrollment and unenrollment#

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This is documented in more detail in This section of the Open edX official Documentation.

Course enrollment emails#

When you try to enroll or unenroll a learner manually you will have the choice of having the platform send an email notifying the user that they have been enrolled on unenrolled in the course.