Getting Support#

Once a subscription has been upgraded to any of the paid plans, it is entitled to the eduNEXT support services.

The services will cover access to the knowledge base, incident management, and request management, as described below.

Access to the support resources and services is found in the ECC application, by navigating in the left bar to the Support section.

Access to the Knowledge Base#

Whenever you need assistance to perform a particular configuration or accomplish something in your courses, you may find valuable information, examples, and recommendations in the eduNEXT Knowledge base.

The knowledge base consists of multiple resources, including:

  • This documentation

  • Technical articles, frequently asked questions, video guides and other resources published in eduNEXT’s website.

  • A demo LMS site at that you can freely explore with a wide range of examples of configurations available for Open edX courses and the types of course components you can add to Open edX courses.

Incident Management#

Incidents are issues that are affecting the functionality or availability of the service or those that potentially can affect the functionality and availability.

1. The eduNEXT support team will receive and process reports about incidents with a grade of criticality 1 and 2 via telephone. Incidents with a grade of criticality 3 and 4 through email, according to the definitions given below.

Criticality and prioritization:

Criticality 1: Total interruption of Service. Criticality 2: Functional errors affecting the operation of the service. Criticality 3: Degradation in service’s quality. Criticality 4: Specific functional errors that do not affect the entire service.

Request Management#

Customers’ requests include questions or requests to perform specific configurations and procedures in your site or courses.

The support service for requests or questions will be provided by email. In order to initiate a support request, you can navigate to the Support section in the ECC.

These requests are not managed as incidents and are not bound by the criticality grades/ solutions times stated above. However, they will be handled by the eduNEXT’s support team according to complexity and priority.

How to Open a Support Ticket#

There are two ways of opening a support ticket.

1. You can go to the Support section in the ECC. where you will find a simple form to send the minimum information we need to understand the case.


Please always send the course ID, email address of the user involved, link to the page, and screenshots when possible, to provide the best change for the support agent to help you out.

2. In special cases when you don’t have access to the eduNEXT Control Center, you can email directly.

How to View the Status of a Support Ticket#

You can go to the Support section in the ECC to view the status and resolution of your recent support tickets.