About the Edunext Control Center#

In this article, we explore the Edunext Control Center (ECC), a powerful management tool built with a wide range of features to help management teams navigate the complexities of configuring and running an Open edX platform.

What ECC Is#

The ECC is a team-oriented application that aims to be the central place to locate and control all the details of your subscription with Edunext, your Open edX platform, your sites, your learners, courses, and everything in between.

Edunext’s years of experience in the field, empowering thousands of online learning initiatives worldwide with the Open edX platform, have helped us to identify some key gaps, and we have developed a tool to centralize and simplify the Open edX manager experience.

Both the Open edX LMS and the Open edX Studio platform are great tools, but they have limited capabilities for some of the management operations that are needed, such as accessing platform-level objects like organizations and sites, making changes to the configurations, running management processes, accessing reports analytics.

Edunext is fully committed to continually bringing improvements and innovation to this management tool in order to help our subscribers make the most out of the Open edX technology.

Some features and improvements that we are currently working on are:
  • Enhancing site configuration capabilities.

  • Improving the access granularity for the different admin roles.

  • Improving the user experience and the user interface.

Additional Information:

Get Started with ECC for Managers

Edunext Control Center: A new way to manage your Open edX Platform.

Edunext Control Center: The best tool to manage your Open edX learning Management System.

Who can use the ECC#

The management capabilities added by the ECC are available to all edunext customers, regardless of whether the open edX platform is running on edunext’s Nimbus SaaS cloud subscriptions, or in an independent stand-alone instance as long as it is actively maintained by edunext.

How to access the ECC#

In order to access the edunext Control Center, you need to login to the platform at https://control.edunext.co/

To access the eduNEXT Control Center, you’ll need a username and password. For Nimbus subscriptions, these are the ones you first used when signing up for your subscription with eduNEXT. Keep in mind that this set of credentials is initially set alike for the ECC and the Open edX platform (LMS + Studio) but they will not be permanently linked, so changes in the email or password for the LMS and Studio will not affect the credentials of the ECC. For other types of edunext subscriptions, the credentials will be provided by the edunext support team.

In case your ECC password is lost, you can always use the recovery link on the ECC login page to get an email with the option to set a new password for your ECC profile.

Please be aware that your ECC credentials provide access to all your configurations, billing information, platform and sites configurations and learner data, so it needs to be handled with the corresponding precautions to prevent any unauthorized access to this information.

Using strong passwords is advised as well as always closing the session whenever you are finished.