Upgrade or modify a Subscription#

Nimbus SaaS subscriptions can be fully managed via the edunext control center, including any upgrade, change or downgrade operation, as will be described below.

For other types of subscriptions, you will need to reach our to the edunext sales team in order to start or modify a subscription.

Subscription upgrade process#

The upgrade process for a Nimbus SaaS subscription can be started in the My Subscription -> Info tab, by clicking on the Upgrade my subscription button, and it is a simple three-step procedure, consisting of:

1. Select the biling period, monthly active users and type of plan

Selection of the billing cycle for the subscription, either monthly billing or yearly billing.

Selection of the Size, or the number of monthly active users (MAU) that your site will be able to serve.

Selection of the type of Subscription: BASIC, ENHANCED, or ADVANCED.

2. Confirmation of the billing information

In this step, you need to enter or confirm your billing information.

3. Checkout

Verify the information and Checkout using a PayPal account balance or a credit cards through PayPal.

After your subscription has been upgraded or modified, you will see the new subscription details in your ECC dashboard, and you will receive a confirmation from PayPal, and also a welcome email with some details and information about your subscription.

Modify a Subscription#

There are three scenarios in which customers might want to change their subscriptions.

  • Increase or decrease the capacity in terms of monthly active users.

  • Change the Tier of the subscription.

  • Change the billing Cycle.

For any of these procedures, the administrator user of the ECC can follow the same steps described above, and the new subscription will be replacing the previous one.

Once the new subscription is activated, the previous recurring payment profile will be disabled. For yearly subscriptions that are modified before their end, a refund will be issued for the remaining time when applicable.