Third-party Authentication Add-on for Microsoft Office 365 - Azure Active Directory. Customer Guide.#

The following configuration will allow the customers to configure the Microsoft Office 365 application to implement authentication with Office 365 accounts on their LMS sites.

Integration Requisites

  • It is required to have your LMS site in a domain of your own.

  • Enterprise or performance subscription with the add-on third-party authentication enabled.


The Customer must register for an Azure Active Directory. Furthermore, to set up the authentication using Office 365, we need to register the Open edX instance in the Azure Active Directory. This registration will produce the settings that we need to input in Open edX.

Register the Open edX Instance with Azure Active Directory#

  1. Visit the Open edX official documentation and follow the instructions on how to register the Open edX instance with Azure Active Directory.


For Sign-on URL, where it says <LMS URL> you should use https://YOURLMSDOMAIN/.

  1. Once you have completed the registration, you will need to generate the required information below.

    • An Application ID

    • A Key

    • A working username and password in that AD domain so that we can use it to test the authentication.

  2. Submit the required information, outlined in step 2, which you recently created for the Azure Active Directory, to eduNEXT customer support team via Edunext Control Center > Customer Support > Submit a Ticket.