Proctored Exams#


This content is for informational purposes only, as this feature is not currently supported by eduNEXT.

Proctored exams in Open edX are designed to ensure that the exam process is secure, fair, and reliable. They involve a comprehensive process where students are monitored via webcam, screen sharing, and computer access during the exam. This helps to verify the student’s identity and ensure that they follow the exam rules.

There are several benefits to using proctored exams in Open edX. Firstly, they provide a level playing field for all students by ensuring everyone follows the same rules. Secondly, they help maintain your course’s integrity and reputation – if students know that cheating is highly unlikely, they are more likely to take the course seriously. Lastly, proctored exams can provide valuable data for educators about student performance and behavior during exams, which can be used to improve teaching methods and course design.

Open edX offers different types of proctored exams depending on your specific needs:

  • Timed Exams: These are traditional exams where students are given a specific amount of time to complete the test. The timer begins as soon as the student starts the exam.

  • Proctored Exams: In these exams, students are monitored via webcam and screen sharing while they take the test.

  • Practice Proctored Exams: These allow students to understand what the proctoring process will be like before they take an actual proctored exam.

  • Open Book Exams: These exams allow students to use their notes, textbooks, or other resources while taking the test.

In an era where online education is becoming increasingly prevalent, ensuring academic integrity has never been more critical. By leveraging proctored exams in Open edX, you can ensure that your courses remain credible, fair, and valuable – no matter where your students may be.

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We encourage you to explore this feature and utilize it in your courses. For further learning, refer to Open edX’s documentation on proctored exams.