Manage your Organizations#

An organization (Org) is a key record that is created and maintained at the platform level, but is linked to an LMS site and defines what courses appear on that site.

Courses created in organization “X” will appear on the LMS site that has the organization X associated with it. Users with permission to create courses with certain organizations(ORGs) will see a list (or only one org) to select, when creating a course in Studio.

The organization will help build the course ID, a unique identifier for an Open edX course.

While many platforms will only have One organization, there are some advantages of having multiple organizations in order to better to organize your course catalog. It’s also possible to configure a different certificate template for each organization.

You’ll be able to manage the Organizations for your platform in the eduNEXT Control Center by navigating to the My Platform section and the ORGS tab.

Request an Additional Org#


This configuration is available for ENHANCED or ADVANCED Nimbus SaaS subscriptions and also in Stratus dedicated subscriptions.

ENHANCED subscriptions are allowed to have up to 5 Organizations.

ADVANCED subscriptions are allowed to have as many organizations as needed.

The creation of an additional organization can requested from the ORGS tab.

Remove an organization#

Removing an organization is not advised, as this record will be linked with courses, and all their corresponding data. If an organization is no longer needed, you can have it disabled instead. Contact the eduNEXT support team for more information.