Cancel a Subscription with eduNEXT#

How to Cancel the eduNEXT Account#

A subscription can be canceled at any time when the service is no longer needed.

To cancel your subscription:

  1. Log in to the eduNEXT Control Center.

  2. Navigate to the My Subscription section and the Info tab.

  3. Select the button corresponding to the operation you want to perform.

  4. Fill in the information as required and submit the form.

Canceling a subscription will stop any future recurring payments, but it will not imply any refund of the period that has already been paid.

A canceled subscription will not go back to the LITE status; it will be changed so that the LMS site is blocked for current learners or those who want to create an account on the site.

Administrators will still have access to the ECC after canceling a subscription as well as course authors will still have access to Studio platform for a few weeks in case they need to recover any course files.

The LMS site will eventually be fully downgraded, including data deletion.