Monitor email delivery in a site#

Email delivery is an important part of your online learning day-to-day operations. The platform sends emails to the users as part of some key operations:

  • User activation

  • Password recovery

  • Email change request

  • User enrolled or unenrolled from the instructor dashboard

The Edunext Control Center includes a section for Nimbus SaaS subscriptions to monitor the delivery of the emails sent up to the last 30 days.

For each email sent by the platform, this screen will display the status of deliver-ability and whether or not the signal of the email being opened by the recipient was received.

Monitoring these numbers will help you understand the rate of deliver-ability your site is reaching. This metric depends on many factors, such as your email configurations, the route being used to send the emails, and the behavior of the email servers of the recipients.


Note that the email tracking capability does not cover the mass emails sent by the instructor to the learners from the Instructor dashboard. It monitors the automated emails sent by the platform as part of some of the operations.