Configure your LMS site#

This chapter explains about the configurations that can be made for your LMS site.

One LMS site is defined by the URL where it is published, the configurations it has and the courses it lists.

The LMS site is the place where your learners will find and consume your courses and also the place where your instructors will test a course before launch and perform the most relevant day to day operations when the course is running.

FREE and BASIC Nimbus SaaS subscriptions will only have one LMS site per account. ENHANCED and ADVANCED Nimbus SaaS subscriptions, as well as Stratus dedicated subscriptions may use the Multi-tenant feature to have more than one site in the same platform.

For each site, the edunext control center is organized in 5 different sections:

  • Site configurations

  • Integrations

  • Developer tools

  • Site Operations

  • Reporting and Analytics

This chapter will be focused on the Site configurations.

One of the greatest advantages of eduNEXT control center is that many of the tasks related to the configuration of the sites can be done directly in this application, with little to no technical knowledge and without the need for making changes to the platform’s code or configuration files and then perform a redeployment of the application. However, for some advanced configurations, the assistance of the eduNEXT support team may be required.