Manage certificates#

For the purpose of this section it is assumed that the course has been properly configured in terms of the enrollment tracks, the learner enrollments into those tracks and the certificate configurations. At this point, the course is ready to issue certificates for learners that pass the course. The course staff can configure and manage the way that certificates are issued during the course operation.

Manage certificates for self-paced courses#

In self paced courses, it is more convenient to configure the course to enable learners to self generate their certificates whenever they reach the grade to pass the course.

Once this has been activated, a learner who passes the course will find a certificate request button in their progress page. With this button they can generate and access their certificates immediately.

Manage certificates for instructor-paced courses#

In instructor paced courses, certificates can be configured to be generated by learners whenever they reach the grade to pass the course or alternatively to be generated in bulk by the instructor at a particular date when the course has ended.

Manual operations with certificates#

Regenerate certificates#

To regenerate certificates for a course, you will need to choose the groups of learners who will receive regenerated certificates and click the Regenerate Certificates button.

Certificates’ exceptions#

Instructors can set exceptions to generate certificates for learners who did not qualify for a certificate but have special conditions.

The process starts with adding the learners to the exception list, either individually by email / username or in batch by uploading a file with the list of exceptions.

After the list is ready, the certificates can be issues by clicking the button Generate Exception Certificates

There is the option of generating certificates for “All users on the Exception list who do not yet have a certificate” or to “All users on the Exception list”

Invalidate certificates#

After a certificate has been issued it can be invalidated. After invalidation, the certificate will no longer be rendered. To invalidate a certificate for a particular learner, add the username or email address in the corresponding field, the corresponding explanation for the record and then hit the Invalidate Certificate button.

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