Course Authoring MFE#

The Course Authoring MFE in Open edX can be defined as a specialized tool within the platform designed specifically for instructors. It acts like a digital toolbox, allowing them to efficiently build and manage online courses.

This dedicated workspace offers instructors several advantages, like simplified course creation, improved organization with features like drag-and-drop functionality and reusable content blocks to help instructors structure their courses, and streamlined workflow centralizing all course management tasks, saving instructors time and effort.


  • Course Creation: An important aspect of this MFE is the improvements of the text and video editor.

Visual Text Editor: This is an improved version of the Text Editor with a new look and feel. It includes all the features you already know but new ones, like symbols, emoticons, and tables. It also has a new interface for editing source code in HTML.

Text Editor example image

Visual Video Editor: This version of the Video Editor allows you to configure all the features of a video, like a thumbnail, add handouts and transcriptions, or even select and set a specific section of the video to play.

Text Editor example image
  • Content Management: The MFE allows instructors to add various learning materials to their courses, including video lectures, quizzes, assignments, and downloadable resources.

Text Editor example image
  • Assessment Creation: The MFE provides tools for building quizzes and assignments to evaluate student learning. This might include options for multiple-choice, open-ended, or peer-reviewed assessments. One of the most relevant features of this MFE is its Problem Editor with an interactive editor. When enabled, writing markdown code is no longer necessary. But, the advanced mode is still available, maintaining the ability to write and edit OLX XML.

Problem editor example image
  • Structure and Organization: Instructors can organize their course content into modules, weeks, or other logical structures for students to follow easily. Also, intructors can use the drag funtionality to reorganize the course content easily.

  • Resources Management: One of the best tools that this MFE has is the resources panel which can be accessed from the Pages & Resources option in the Content menu. From there you can enable or disable different functions such as Discussions, Progress, Textbooks and Custom Pages, among others.

Pages & Resources example image


The specific features and functionalities might vary depending on the configuration of the Open edX platform by the institution. Some institutions might choose to disable certain features or have custom configurations for instructor access and tools.